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  • Writer's pictureMARC LOTTER

MEMO to Both Sides: Stop Politicizing Sports

An appearance yesterday by the Golden State Warriors at the White House with President Joe Biden. It should be noted that this team a few years ago refused to visit with President Trump.

For me as a sports fan and not just a political commentator…Stop it with politicizing sports!

Regardless of whether I voted for you, regardless of whether I worked to defeat you, or will work to defeat you again, or what I think about your policies, it is an honor to meet a President of the United States.

It is an honor to go to the White House no matter who is working, or who happens to be in residence there.

We have got to get back to a time when we can put politics where it belongs, have those spirited disagreements, have those discussions, but also have times when it is time to honor a champion, and the hard work of a champion.

Listen to the rest of the Clip.

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