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  • Writer's pictureMITCH ROSCHELLE

Liberals and conservatives switched roles

All or nothing is a serious boundary. Mitch explores the tyranny behind taking individual choice away. And what about voicing a different opinion? Was intimidation a tyrannical?

5 minute response to Melissa and Joel.

Mitch Roschelle, Media Commentator / Macro Strategist / Podcaster / Public Speaker on the Economy, real estate, and policy.

*The Audio Op-Ed Page of Political Commentary. Hear the rest of the Clip above, or in the CenterClip App*

Are The Covid Tyrants Sorry?

“Utterly heartless and cruel." Looking back, was the hatred for anyone that questioned Covid opinions warranted? Melissa looks back, and...

Being Anti Covid Is Pro Life.

What is a Covid tyrant? Making people live in fear. “Not killing people” was a justified safety measure. It is not tyranny. Joel responds...


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