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  • Writer's pictureILYA SHAPIRO

Legislation To Push Back Illiberal College Trend

Fear should not be in the curriculum. With colleges trending increasingly illiberal, what would model legislation look like from a leading academic who has been attacked by the academy?

"Public policy CAN provide solutions to decades long trends".

Ilya Shapiro identifies basic reforms to allow professors and students the ability to explore intellectual ideas.

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Climate Change Is THE Issue

There isn’t going to be an economy, or any health to improve, if civilization ceases to exist. Ted on the Topic of the Day, Climate Change. 3 min listen. Ted Rall, Left/progressive political cartoonis

What Is Really Important Voters

What issues are Americans saying they are most focused on? Where did climate change land on the list? 5 min listen. Mitch Roschelle, Media Commentator / Macro Strategist / Podcaster / Public Speaker o

The Left’s Virtual Signaling On Climate Change

Virtue signaling is not working. Marc outlines unrealistic solutions to a legitimate problem. 3 min listen. Marc Lotter, Former Special Assistant to the President, Press Secretary to the Vice Preside


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