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  • Writer's pictureJENNIFER HORN

It Was Unlike Anything Else We've Ever Seen

Fox News did not mishandle a story. They made a strategic decision to benefit their business, their hosts, and put democracy in America in danger.

Jennifer explains the difference between Fox and other networks, in stark disagreement with Mitch Roschelle.

2 minute Response to Mitch.

Jennifer Horn, Mom first and foremost… trying to be a positive force in the defeat of tyranny and Trumpism and preserve democracy in America. You can also find me on Twiter @nhjennifer. Co-Founder, The Lincoln Project, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Fellow and Former New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman

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Others have mishandled stories

If Fox News is being condemned for political narratives, should CNN and MSNBC not face the same critique? Two wrongs do not make a right,...


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