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  • Writer's pictureJENNIFER HORN

Haley Doesn't Deserve To Be President

Nikki Haley is trying to win over base voters, and she’s playing toward Trump to do so.

Seeing Haley demonstrate weakness in this moment is disappointing, and summarizes the condition of the GOP.

3 minute Response to Joel and Ted.

Jennifer Horn, Mom first and foremost… trying to be a positive force in the defeat of tyranny and Trumpism and preserve democracy in America. You can also find me on Twiter @nhjennifer. Co-Founder, The Lincoln Project, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Fellow and Former New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman

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Nikki Haley Isnt Offering A Change

“The candidate who stands for nothing”" Why did she not mention her strong record regarding the Confederate Flag? What IS the record...


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