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  • Writer's pictureTED RALL

Be Specific or Stop Talking about Anti-Democracy

President Biden recently gave a speech where he said America was at an inflection point of democracy. Democracy, and the threat that it’s under, it's been a constant threat and thread of political orientation of the post Trump Democratic party…

And I just wanted to say that this messaging is falling flat for one simple reason. Democrats haven’t built a case. It’s not enough to just point to January 6th, and say, “look, Republicans hate democracy.’ Or even to talk about election denialism as evidence for that. Lots of democrats and republicans have denied the outcome of elections many, many times over the years…

But if Democrats want to build the case that Republicans oppose democracy, they can't just keep saying it over and over and expect to win any votes, particularly from swing voters in the middle. What they’re going to need to do is hold our hands, and say, “ok, Republicans are authoritarian and uniquely anti-democratic small d democratic and here's exactly how.”

I suspect they can’t really do that because there isn’t one…

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